Simplify the way you share your data.

Use our data arena to find and access the data you need, quickly!

The Problem

The most significant problem within an enterprise is that data is spread throughout numerous systems, often being difficult to access and its usage is not controlled, tracked or audited.

No single view of the customer

Customer data is fragmented across multiple systems within an enterprise.

Difficulty reporting accurately

Delays in sourcing data and using unqualified data in reporting.

Data buried in visualisations

Visualisations are driven by specific datasets but the original source data is difficult to access.

Data feeds are purpose built

Data feeds are often not shared as they are specific and difficult to change.

Everyone has access to everything

Time pressures make it difficult to control and audit data access and usage.

No categorisation of data

Limited awareness of transactional data, operational data, reference data, master data, metadata and temporary data.

Why is the Data Arena so great?

The Data Arena makes it easy for anyone to find the data they need, while being able to control, track and audit usage.

Business Friendly

The arena helps you create a centralised view of your data in an easy way for those who are not tech savvy, while also supporting advanced functions for power users.

Build Your Own Feeds

Data feeds are built based on source data using a simple form or uploading a schema file. Within a feed you can merge data, relate data, blend data and apply your transforms.

Public/Private Arenas

Create both private and public arenas, where you can share data feeds, share transforms and share trust ratings.

No Data Required

The arena data feeds are based on schemas, so the arena connects to your existing data stores. The arena also does the hard work in retrieving the data you need, when you need it.

Custom Transforms

Build your own personal (& shareable) transforms, which can be as simple as converting a single field, or applying complex calculation logic - all written using simple scripts.

Trust Ratings

The arena has a trust center that rates your feeds and provides feedback to you on how well the data can be trusted.

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Purchasing the product is simple, you choose a tier from below and then select whether you want to use our Cloud version or deploy your own.

Small (startups)

$9 / mo

  • 5 Users included
  • 1 Public & private arena
  • 2 Data sources
  • 4 Data feeds
  • Basic transforms
  • Email support
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$99 / mo

  • 10 Users included
  • 2 Public & private arenas
  • 5 Data sources
  • 10 Data feeds
  • Advanced transforms
  • 10 saved transforms
  • Support Portal
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$499 / mo

  • Unlimited users included
  • Unlimited arenas
  • Unlimited data sources
  • Unlimited data feeds
  • Advanced transforms
  • Unlimited saved transforms
  • Trust center
  • Support portal
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Development work is required to integrate iHorizon data arena with existing systems, and implementation work is required if you intend to host the product within your own cloud or on-prem, which iHorizon can help you achieve. We have many pre-built connectors for a lot of common systems to help reduce the effort involved with integration and we have various deployment options that are fully automated.

What you should focus on!

Use the iHorizon Data Arena to centralise access to your data, so you can focus on using the data for more important things.

  • Predicting future returns on customer value through improved customer engagement
  • Strengthen market position through more innovative product & service offerings
  • Increasing speed to market through improved strategic awareness and productivity
  • Improving Business engagement through demonstrating solid customer outcomes
  • Improving customer loyalty through advisory and offerings that solve customer problems
  • Strengthen decisions through improved insights gained from visualising your data

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If you would like to find out more, please send us a message. We are still building the Data Arena, but please contact us for more information on how you can become involved.