Simple, yet powerfull architecture.

No data is loaded into the Data Arena, it always remains at the source until you need it. The Data Arena is a schema driven solution that maps source data to configurable data feeds, with the ability to attach custom transforms to the data feeds.

Good Architecture Thinking!

The iHorizon Data Arena creates an awareness of source systems and their data structures, which helps to simplify the way data feeds are built in the UI and how data is ultimately distributed.

  • Connects to various database systems; MS SQL, Postgresql, mySQL
  • Connects to various object stores; Apache Hive, AWS S3
  • Connects to various Document stores; MongoDb, Cassandra
  • Connects to various warehouses; Snowflake, Amazon Redshift
  • Connects to other data related systems; Apache Kafka, Redis, Elasticsearch, File storage, GraphDB
  • Connects to applications and services; REST APIs
  • Processes objects and datasets using a distributed query engine
  • Operational services interact with the backend distributed query engine
  • A simply user interface passes requests to the the operational services for downstream processing
  • The user interface simplifies the approach to building data feeds and access data
  • Access controls and tracking are achieved through centralising data access
  • Provides a view of trust against the data feeds based on assessing data quality